ababalond (ababalond) wrote in enochian,

Original System and getting started...?

there doesn't seem to be much activity in this community but i'll put out there anyway, I've recently been plowing through Donald Tyson's book for beginners, which addresses the original system communicated rather than how the G.D. have applied it.

You've the enochian tools and temple set up with table of practice et cetera... As I would understand it, depending on what time you decide to skry there is a prince for that day with his minister of ruling groups of hours all under the sovereignty of a king... right? and be seated upon, either ministers ring, with prince seal on the table of practice, or vise verse? They don't necessarily have to do with whatever you've to skry but this is set up prior to skrying.

the keys, which the G.D. allocated to the tablets, then act then like invocation to activate whatever part of whatever tablet which corresponds to whatever place dwells the spirit.

and then you begin....

is this right???
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