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Translating Enochian Names

From my last working of ZIP posted on my Blog - veleda wrote: Any idea what 'An-Na-Qua-Ta' means?

An-Na-Qua-Ta was the entity/angel I encountered that judges whether man (after death) is worthy to receive the Light of God (so that he may enter the Shrine of God) or be deemed unworthy and fed to Choronzon in the Abyss.

I have found that interpreting Enochian names depends upon the person doing the interpretation. I tend to look at the name as a reflection of what the angle/entity does. I would be interested in seeing how other people translate Enochian. Below is my translation.

What would yours be and why?

~ An-Na-Qua-Ta ~

From Laycock's Complete Ecochian Dictionary

An - angel,

Anaa - angel powerful in change of place, ruled by the angel Anaa and Vadali Obava

Na - that

Naa - angle, companion of Anaa

Qaa - garment, garments

Qaa/Quaa - creation

Ta - as, thee

~ An-Na-Qua-Ta ~

The angel powerful in the change of place in the garments of creation of thee.

"garments" refer to man, or the shell of man, or the body of light of man

"creation" refers to God

[Qaa is both creation and garment, and in this context, relates to Man=God]

"thee" is a reference back to man


The angel that is powerful in the place where the [body of man] is changed into [God].


The angel of powerful changes that moves man towards God.

simplified again:

The angel of change of God/Man.

Not a perfect translation, but it is fairly close.

With Love and Laughter,
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