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Now Available ~ Coph Nia Wand - Imbolc 2009 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Coph Nia Oasis Journal
The Wand

~ Imbolc~
February 2009 e.v.

Available for $5.00

or purchase a
1 year subscription*
for $35.00

In this content rich issue, we offer many articles, including a look at Liber Astarte, Liber Resh, and Liber E. We have also included a short story by Aleister Crowley, a book review by Hymenaeus Alpha, and are proud to feature the first part of David R. Jones'  long awaited article on the Sigillum Dei Ameth. We also offer our usual book & movie reviews, poetry, and photos from our archives. Enjoy!

“Malkah” by Lunarmystique
From the Orient by Bro. David R. Jones
Comments on Liber Astarte by Keith418
Sonnet for Durga poetry by Sor. Miyan
Liber Resh vel Helios in Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley
Thelemic Ecclesiastical Incense by Sor. Miyan
Past Master Frater Iacchos archive photo
Liber E: Tarot Predictions Analyzed by Johnathan Shatto and Daniel Schwartz
Which Things are an Allegory by Aleister Crowley
This is already a practical insight by Bishop Locke
Priestess poetry by Bro. David R. Jones
The Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley review by Hymenaeus Alpha
O.T.O. vs. Motta Trial : Group Picture archive photo
The Seal of God’s Truth by Bro. David R. Jones
“Sigillum Dei Ameth” adapted by Bro. David R. Jones
Rosemary’s Baby & The Ninth Gate video review by Maria Montgomery
I.N.R.I. poetry by Sor. Salome
Lola DeWolfe archive photo
In Operibus Sigillo Dei Aemeth: Part One by Bro. David R. Jones
Picatrix: Ghayat Al-Hakim: Volume 2 review by Fra. Iacchos
Enochian Scrying: 28th Aethyr - Bag by Fra. Iacchos and Sor. Miyan
Black Sheep poetry by Fra. DD
Letter to the Editor
Bible Patterns poetry by Sor. Salome

Format: 8.5 x11 - Saddle Stitched Binding- 24 pages - Glossy Cover

*Coph Nia Oasis is scheduled to release a total of 8 issues in 2009.

International Orders (outside the U.S.)

The Wand - Imbolc 2009 e.v.
~ International ~ 
$6.00 USD
 1 Year Subscription
~ International ~
$42.00 USD

Love is the law, love under will.
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