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Quadricentennial death of Dr John Dee

 On Thursday March 26th it will be the quadricentennial death of Dr John Dee, which also happened to be a Thursday. Now I know there is some dispute to the actual year, never mind which date that Dee died – But it’s my belief after research that this is the correct date.

I have some plans to visit Mortlake the place that Dee lived and died on the 26th later in the week. Weather forecast is 'heavy rain' …. We’ll see about that ;-)


On  July 13th 2007 on the 480th anniversary of Dee’s birth I paid a visit to Mortlake. Stood on the ground that Dee’s house was (it’s now sadly just open ground) and crossed the road to look in St. Mary the Virgin church where Dee is buried.

Some of you may be interested in a few pictures that I took at the time of the visit. Go to Live Journal entry:

[Click photos to enlarge]

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